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Find your way through professional or personal


life changes

sometimes by choice, sometimes by circumstance


Our lives are continually changing and evolving. Sometimes we do it consciously by choice and desire, sometimes circumstances take us in a new direction and sometimes we simply let the wind and waves carry us. Want to shape the next phase of your work/business or life? Then let’s navigate towards your next professional or personal journey.


  • Explore the possibilities

  • Find what's energizing & meaningful for you

  • Make a plan

  • Start the journey

Conquering uncharted territory

is not for the faint of heart.

coaching programs & services

I work with people who want to shape their journey through life.


Coaching is a powerful way to help you get clear on your priorities, get unstuck, get a plan and get moving on actions that align with who you are, what energizes you, your values and your goals.


I work with people who are in the mid to later stages of their lives. I help my clients define, create and embrace the transition they want. For some it’s about taking the helm and stepping into leadership, others are mapping a new career course and new adventures, or defining and shaping what a fulfilling retirement can be, and others are looking to manage work, ailing family members, and life. What they all have in common is a desire for something more - a new experience, more success, more ease, more joy, more impact, more meaning, more of them. And, most importantly, they are ready to do something about it.




Are you ready? Let's consciously choose what's next, and create the

work and life you want - whatever that might be.


When you change the way you think, you change everything - how you feel, work, play, live.


My job is to help my clients find and achieve what they want most, help them get reenergized and achieve more success and fulfillment in their lives, careers and businesses. I’ll question, challenge, support and hold out the vision you see for yourself. I will be your biggest champion and I’ll keep you accountable. And, we’ll have some fun!


What energizes you? What’s meaningful for you? Let’s create from there.


  • Increase your impact & business success

  • Create the vision and transition you want

  • Bring back ease and joy to your life

  • Figure out what to say yes to and what to say no to


Are you ready to explore? 


Let’s talk. Schedule a complementary 30-minute exploration call to learn more and sample what coaching with me is like.

meet diane, CPCC, APR 

I am passionate about inspiring others to fully experience the life they want. It's about working from a grounded, value-based place. In some ways, it's subtle and at the same time transformative.


As a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and an accredited communication strategist, I am committed to helping others embrace their strengths, be true to who they are and live as fully as they can. I bring more than 30 years of successful business and life experience to my clients.

Diane Rennie, Business Coach Life Coach Calgary AB

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