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helping you navigate towards your
next professional or personal destination.

Coaching is about moving forward and it uses a specific methodology. In Co-Active Coaching, there is action (the doing) and being (who you are). It’s designed to help clients like you find their most creative solutions to the desires, challenges, and issues they face while honouring and aligning with who they really are. It has to fit who you are to be successful.


I offer one-to-one coaching programs. Programs generally range from four to eight months as it takes time to uncover what is effective and meaningful for you. The programs are flexible and customizable - your goals and needs are the driving force. Core programs include two or three sessions a month, combined with a variety of tools, worksheets, and email or phone touch points in between appointments. Together we design the right coaching experience for you.


My job is to help my clients find and achieve what they most want, gain some ease and joy, and achieve more success and fulfillment in their lives, careers, and businesses.


What’s waiting for you (what clients tell me they have gained):


  • Clarity on what you want and how you want to live.

  • Conscious decision making.

  • New perspectives on what is possible.

  • Understanding of what energizes you and what drains you.

  • Acting in alignment with your values.

  • Increased impact and business success

  • Greater peace of mind.

  • A greater sense of purpose.

  • An ease and a flow to your days.

A coach is a partner who can ask you the tough questions and help you figure out your next steps.

set a new course

with these coaching programs:

Destination Professional Success:
Increase your impact, success & fulfillment

This eight-month one-to-one coaching program is for getting more of what you want out of your professional life. We’ll look at your strengths, what energizes you, the impact you want to have, what’s most important to you, and strengthen your leadership skills. It's all about helping you be your best so you can achieve meaningful success.


Professional Success Program includes:

  • 90-minute foundation session

  • Two, 45 minute tele-coaching sessions per month

  • Unlimited texting and email coaching between sessions

  • Unlimited 10-minute support calls

  • Accountability tracking

  • A bonus completion session

  • A bonus post program check-up session

  • Tools and worksheets, including pre- and post-coaching forms

  • Recordings of each session

Business/Career Transition
Pesonal Transition

Destination - Life Your Way:

A four to six-month program to get you moving on taking action on the transition you want at this stage of your life. You know who you are, and you have some sense of where you want to go, you just need a little more clarity, motivation, and accountability to kick-start the transition. Start living a life of intention and choice, rather than a life of default.



Life Your Way Program Includes:

  • 1 hour kick start session

  • Three – 50 minute tele-coaching sessions per month

  • Unlimited texting and email coaching between sessions

  • A bonus completion session

  • A bonus post program check-up session

  • Tools and worksheets, including pre-and post-coaching forms

  • Recordings of each session

Destination Retirement:

What’s next? 

What does the road to retirement look like for you? Does it involve paid work? Is it all about travel and adventure? Is there a desire to give back, make a difference? We’ll explore and map the journey that fits for you.


This comprehensive eight (8) month program is designed for those who are five years or less from venturing into retirement. You are seeking a new direction, a new journey for reaching and enjoying this next phase of life but aren’t quite sure what it is they want. This stage is a time to let loose, to really be you. We’ll chart where you are today, create a vision for what you want to experience and create a roadmap to get there.



Destination Retirement Program includes:

  • 90-minute foundation session

  • Two, 50-minute tele - coaching sessions per month

  • Unlimited texting and email coaching between sessions

  • Unlimited 10-minute support calls

  • A bonus completion session

  • A bonus post-program check-up session

  • Tools and worksheets

  • Recordings of each session

Destination Retirement
"Seeing how unhappy I was because of a series of bitter experiences, Diane suggested that boosting my confidence could help me get through my angst. I was skeptical because self-doubt has sabotaged me for years, but was eager to enlist Diane as a coach knowing I would learn a great deal from her.
Like a skilled detective, Diane listened closely and helped me to clarify my needs and celebrate my successes.  I was relieved to learn methods to build my self-esteem that were straightforward, realistic and effective.
Diane used many novel problem-solving approaches, and when certain recommendations didn’t suit me, she had different options at the ready.
Diane is a sensitive and intuitive person, making her an ideal confidante and coach. I found her to be very approachable and not judgmental. But don’t let Diane’s calm and gentle demeanor trick you into thinking she’s a pushover; you need to do your homework!
Thanks to Diane’s coaching I gained confidence and I happily recommend her to anyone looking for sensible guidance while working through the fog of change."
Cynthia M.
ready to explore?
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Want to get more from the next stage of life, grow your career, be a more effective leader, have more meaningful success, create a rewarding retirement or find a way to be at ease and enjoy where you are? Do you want more balance in your life?


The best way to see if working with a professional certified coach is a good fit for you is to schedule a call with me so we can discuss what you want. It is absolutely free and gives us a chance to talk about what it is you are interested in creating and how I might be able to help. There is no obligation whatsoever. What have you got to lose?

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