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Creating Luck!

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

Ready to create some luck?

Here are Six Steps to boost your chances of being lucky in 2019.

What makes people lucky? And, how do you get some of that?

We all know someone who is lucky. They get that hard to find product or ticket, they get the best deal, new jobs and promotions come their way, they make money when they sell their home, on and on… What makes them lucky?

“Luck is preparation meeting opportunity” a paraphrase from Oprah.

I heard this sentiment recently and thought it was brilliant. We’ve all had moments when we thought someone we know seems to have a lot of luck. On our down days, our gremlins may even creep in with, “when is it my turn”. I know I can look back and see times when opportunity was knocking but I didn’t even realize it and sometimes I didn’t answer the call. So, how do we cultivate luck and opportunity. Here are actions I’ve found that work.

Diane's Boost Your Luck Action List:

  • Set an intention. This may sound flaky to some but clearly stating the intention to yourself, and putting it out there in the universe does work. When it’s top of mind for you and your network, you will see the opportunities.

  • Be curious. Life is a process, it’s dynamic, generative and always evolving. Be open to opportunities.

  • Try something. Take a class, volunteer, ask if you can shadow someone, just try something. If something peaks your interest, follow up, try it out. Designers do this all the time. They have an idea, they build a prototype, model or sketch an image. They don’t all work, but they do learn something and build from there.

  • Go for the experience, not perfection. Have the courage to jump in. You might fail, you may not like it – great you can cross that one of your list. You might love it, or it might trigger an even more exciting opportunity – either way you will learn and move forward.

  • Act like you want to be. What would happen if you started adopting the mindset you imagine you would have in your ideal life? What opportunities would open up? What would you start doing? Why not start today?

  • Be flexible. We can’t possibly know all the amazing situations, activities, organizations, etc. there are out there, so listen and watch with an open mind. If it sounds or looks interesting, take a closer look. Ask yourself if this opportunity ticks one or more of your boxes: resonates with your values, is something you are curious about, you always thought it would be fun to try…even though it wasn’t top of mind.

Are you Ready to create some luck?

Diane Rennie is a Coach & Communication Strategist who has a knack for working with the 50+ crowd who want to shape the next chapter of their journey, so they experience the joy, meaning work and satisfaction they are seeking.

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