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Does freedom 55, 60, 70 … exist?

Are you looking at your bank account and investments bobbing up and down, and wondering if freedom anything will ever exist? You’re not alone! Well Virginia, I’m here to say, yes, freedom is in your grasp, just like Santa Claus it does exist.

The challenge is, it is all in how you look at it, and how you define it. Yes, I know, we all need money to live in our society. I also know from working with clients and shaping my own freedom, it is not an either/or proposition. There is an ‘and’ solution and it starts with how you think.

When it comes to planning your “freedom years’, a.k.a. retirement (we definitely need a new word), most people make a crucial mistake.

Instead of embracing the opportunities to create a new work and play model, they get stuck on a formula and a checklist and what they believe they will have to give up. It’s not always about leaving work, it may be about transforming your relationship with work. If you are feeling burnt out and trapped, it is likely affecting every aspect of your life and it’s hard to see the possibilities from that place. Releasing the feeling of being chained, is a crucial first step.

If you want to join the freedom set, you need to transform your relationship with yourself. This means getting clear on how you want to be in your life, what you value, what you want to be known for, and, what you want to experience from the inside and outwardly.

Here’s a way to get started:

1. Describe how you want to feel in your ideal work day. This isn’t about the tasks this is about the energy, attitude, and perspective that you bring to the day, the type of

experience. Use all your senses to visualize what this would be like.

2. Describe your ideal non-work time. What kinds of things are you doing? How do you feel when you are doing these things?

3. Looking at your descriptions, what’s important about being this way? What values are you honouring in yourself? What is possible for you when you are embracing this way of being? What are you learning about yourself? What do you need to let go of to embrace this way of living?

Transitioning to freedom is both a mindset and work. Starting to get clear on how you want to feel and experience life is a great starting point.

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What’s one attitude or way of being you can bring to your work and, personal life that will pave your way to freedom?

To living your way.

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